Monday , May 27 2024

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Five innovative ways AI can help prevent cyber attacks

A cyber hack at Okta put businesses on high alert, and here, we examine how AI can help prevent future breaches Okta, who provides authentication services to many large companies including FedEx, Sonos and T-Mobile, confirmed that they have previously been hacked, falling victim to a data breach. With the …

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Vishing, smishing, and quishing are next ways to go phishing

Security experts have reported a surge in new phishing techniques that don’t use email – is your cybersecurity ready for vishing, smishing, and quishing? Organisations in highly regulated industries such as insurance, banking, legal, healthcare and financial services were most targeted by cybercriminals in 2022 using new techniques, including vishing …

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41.9m records compromised by cyber breaches in March 2023

IT Governance has released its monthly analysis of the latest data breaches and cyberattacks in March 2023. In March 2023, 41.9 million records were compromised by cyberattacks across the world, according to IT Governance, a global provider of cyber risk and privacy management solutions. IT Governance also identified 100 publicly …

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