Sunday , December 10 2023


Canada Ransomware Whitepaper-2023
Mid-sized Canadian firms pay an average $1.13 million to ransomware gangs


A recent survey found that mid-sized Canadian companies paid an average of just over $1 million in ransomware payments this year. On Thursday, the results of a survey conducted by Palo Alto Networks were released. The survey involved IT professionals from 1,000 organizations with employee numbers ranging from 100 to …

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set deadline disclosing data
LockBit claim to hit Citizens Bank of West Virginia


LockBit ransomware group claim to have cyber attack the Citizens Bank of West Virginia. The group post on tweeter that “Just another greedy company that puts their own money above client’s privacy”. The hackers set a deadline for their demands till December 9, 2023, otherwise it will be published. But …

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US senator's letter
Governments spying on Apple, Google users through push notifications

Logo of Apple, Google

Some governments have asked Apple and Google for the push notification records of their users in order to track down certain individuals. This information comes from U.S. Senator Ron Wyden. “Push notifications are alerts sent by phone apps to users’ smartphones,” Wyden said. Senator Ron Wyden wrote a letter to …

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interpol biometric hub
INTERPOL biometric tool to capture most wanted criminals


INTERPOL, the world’s largest international police organization unveiled its new enhanced BioHub. This system, powered by IDEMIA’s advanced multibiometric identification system (MBIS), is expected to transform global law enforcement capabilities. MBIS 5 is the latest version, released in October 2023. It has new algorithms that improve matching accuracy, reduce response …

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RDRS To assist agencies discovering non-public registration data


ICANN introduced RDRS to make it easier to request nonpublic registration data for gTLDs. ICANN’s this new service will help law enforcement finding domain owners’ private information and data. ICANN Launches RDRS ICANN-approved registrars have to hide personal information in public records. This makes it difficult to access the information …

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vulncheck report
15,000 Go Module Repositories on GitHub Vulnerable to Repojacking Attack

Repository on GitHub

15,000 Go module repositories on GitHub are vulnerable to repojacking attack, according to new research. VulnCheck chief technology officer jacob Baines shared a report with renowned newspaper where he said, “More than 9,000 repositories are vulnerable to repojacking due to GitHub username changes, “More than 6,000 repositories were vulnerable to …

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ShadowServer Foundation
About 20,000 Microsoft Exchange Servers at Risk of Cyberattacks

Exchange server

A lot number of microsoft Exchange email servers in Europe, the United States, and Asia are at risk because they are accessible on the public internet. These servers are using an old and unsupported version of the software, which makes them vulnerable to multiple security issues, including some that are …

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Zyxel releases patches to Fix 15 Flaws NAS, Firewall, and AP Devices

Zyxel released patches for 15 security issues affecting network-attached storage (NAS), firewall, and access point (AP) devices. The fixes address critical flaws that could allow authentication bypass and command injection. The three vulnerabilities are listed below : CVE-2023-35138 (CVSS score: 9.8): There is a vulnerability that allows an attacker to …

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