Sunday , December 10 2023

Cyber Attack

Canada Ransomware Whitepaper-2023
Mid-sized Canadian firms pay an average $1.13 million to ransomware gangs


A recent survey found that mid-sized Canadian companies paid an average of just over $1 million in ransomware payments this year. On Thursday, the results of a survey conducted by Palo Alto Networks were released. The survey involved IT professionals from 1,000 organizations with employee numbers ranging from 100 to …

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set deadline disclosing data
LockBit claim to hit Citizens Bank of West Virginia


LockBit ransomware group claim to have cyber attack the Citizens Bank of West Virginia. The group post on tweeter that “Just another greedy company that puts their own money above client’s privacy”. The hackers set a deadline for their demands till December 9, 2023, otherwise it will be published. But …

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Cyber attack on Sparrso; Hacker’s claim, Sparrso’s denial

A hacktivist group named “Team Network Nine” claimed a cyber attack on “Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARSO). The group claimed that the December 1 attack resulted in Sparrso’s website being down for 1 hour. An Indian media reported on the issue. According to the report, the hacktivist …

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Blog post update
Microsoft warns of exploiting critical outlook vulnerability

Microsoft has found a group called Forest Blizzard (also known as STRONTIUM) in Russia using a security vulnerability called CVE-2023-23397 to get into email accounts on Exchange servers without permission. The Polish Cyber Command (DKWOC) is working with Microsoft to stop Forest Blizzard and prevent them from using their tricks. …

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Secureworks reports hackers intensify attacks on customers, a major online travel agency, reported that customers have been targeted by hackers. While the agency’s systems are secure, online criminals have scammed many customers by stealing login credentials from the agency’s partner hotels. These criminals then pose as hotel staff to deceive customers. What have the online attacks …

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"Personal Data Protection Act 2023"
Coming “Personal Data Protection Act 2023”

data protection

“Personal Data Protection Act 2023” will be presented to the Cabinet today for approval. it is confirmed by Abu Sayed Md. Kamruzzaman, Director general of Digital security agency. He said to infosecbulletin that as cyber attack is being increased in every second, we have to have a law to protect …

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Black wing intelligence (video)
Windows hello fingerprint auth bypassed on Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo laptops


Security researchers were able to bypass authentication on three popular laptops by testing the fingerprint sensors used for Windows Hello. The research was done by Blackwing Intelligence and Microsoft’s MORSE. Target devices include a Dell Inspiron 15 with a Goodix fingerprint sensor, a Lenovo ThinkPad T14s with a Synaptics sensor, …

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Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat statment
Canadian government discloses data breach


The Canadian government reported that two contractors have been hacked, revealing sensitive information of an unknown number of government employees. Last month, there were security breaches that affected two companies: Brookfield Global Relocation Services (BGRS) and SIRVA Worldwide Relocation & Moving Services. These companies provide relocation services to Canadian government …

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Reuters Special
How an Indian startup hacked the world

Rajat and Anuj Khare, two brothers who owned the Indian company Appin, were involved in a large-scale hacking incident. They stole personal information from celebrities, multinational executives, politicians, and others. An Indian company hacked on a large scale and got personal information of executives, lawyers, and politicians from all over …

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SektorCERT reported
Record 22 Critical Infra hit by Sandworm: An alert for CII globally

power house

Hackers attacked Denmark’s critical infrastructure by compromising 22 energy organizations. This information was revealed by SektorCERT, a non-profit cybersecurity center for critical sectors. In May 2023, hackers attacked Danish critical infrastructure and compromised several organizations in just a few days. This was the biggest attack of its kind in Denmark …

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