Monday , May 27 2024

Cyber Attack

Researcher claimed: Biometrics of Indian Forces Exposed

face recognition

Jeremiah Fowler, a security researcher, claimed to discover a major vulnerability in India’s data security. He found an unprotected database with a large amount of biometric data, such as fingerprints, facial scans, and other sensitive information, belonging to millions of Indian citizens. Jeremiah Fowler published his findings on global planet. …

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Hacktivists group target Philippines government ransomware attack


SentinelOne researchers found that the Ikaruz Red Team is targeting the Philippines government using different ransomware builders like LockBit, Vice Society, Clop, and AlphV to carry out “small-scale” attacks. They are also sharing data leaks from various organizations in the Philippines. Ikaruz Red Team (IRT) has been targeting entities in …

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SonicWALL Vulnerability Traded; threating for Corporate network in Bangladesh


SonicWALL SSL-VPN provides secure remote access to an organization’s internal network and resources through an encrypted SSL connection. This kind of VPN is great for giving employees and partners secure access to internal applications and data from remote locations. A hacker is selling a $1000 exploit that targets SonicWALL SSL-VPN …

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Cyble Research
Transparent Tribe & SideCopy: A Cyber Alliance Targeting India


Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs found that two cyber threat groups, Transparent Tribe (APT36) and SideCopy, are using advanced strategies to target India, putting both public and private sectors at risk. Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs (CRIL) found that two APT groups, Transparent Tribe (APT36) and SideCopy, are using advanced …

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Recordedfuture report
Hackers Exploit GitHub to Spread Malware targeting operating systems


Recorded Future’s Insikt Group has discovered a major cyber threat campaign carried out by Russian-speaking hackers, possibly located in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). This campaign misuses GitHub, a platform for software development, to spread different malware. The report explains how attackers pretend to be popular software like 1Password, …

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Kaspersky report
Bangladesh faces over 34,000 ransomware attacks


Antivirus manufacturer Kaspersky inform that it has detected over 34,000 ransomware attacks targeting various organizations in Bangladesh from January to December 2023 in a press release. Fedor Sinitsyn, Kaspersky’s lead malware analyst said, Several ransomware groups are still stealing data and encrypting it and demanding a ransom. This problem is …

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