Wednesday , June 12 2024

Daily Security Update

Daily Cybersecurity update, March 26, 2024

Some of notable happening the cyber world: St. Cloud, Florida, experienced a ransomware attack that disrupted city services and required changes in how payments are made at some city facilities. Russian hackers Cozy Bear used fake dinner invites to attack German political parties, installing the WINELOADER backdoor. A supply-chain attack …

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Daily Cybersecurity Update, March 08, 2024


Five notable happenings today in the cyber world: The NCSC-Switzerland said that the Play ransomware attack at Xplain impacted 65,000 important documents of the Federal Administration. The documents were from various administrative units, including the Federal Department of Justice and Police, the Federal Office of Justice, and the Federal Office …

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Daily Cybersecurity update, January 03, 2024


The European Central Bank will test 109 banks in Europe for their resilience against cyberattacks using simulated disruptive cyberattacks. Snappfood, an Iranian online food delivery service, reported to suffer a major data breach. The hacker group “irleaks” revealed the breach and said they took 3TB of personal data from millions …

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Daily Cybersecurity update, December 27, 2023


Cyberattacks and data breaches are still happening, causing harm to organizations and their confidential information. Recently, Yakult was attacked and had 95GB of stolen data leaked. LoanCare, a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial, also had a data breach affecting over one million people. In Michigan, a healthcare firm had a …

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