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Rafia Rahman Rafa

Tesla Global Supply Analyst
A Bangladeshi girl journey at TESLA

In Bangladesh, many people don’t prioritize Industrial and Production Engineering. However, it is more important in the international context. Job opportunities in Bangladesh mainly involve the garment and multinational companies. Getting a job in a multinational organization is challenging. According to Rafa, IPE students in Bangladesh should aim for jobs in all manufacturing companies, not just the garment sector.

Rafia Rahman Rafa started attending Vikarunnisa Noon School in 2001, along with her parents. She had dreams and believed she would achieve good results. In 2014, she was admitted to Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET), in the Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE) department. Rafa’s story could have ended there, but no one knew that she would one day work for Tesla as a Global Supply Analyst.

In 2023, Rafa started an internship at Tesla’s Global Supply Management department. Later, they were promoted to the role of Global Supply Analyst. Rafa’s journey at Tesla was challenging, but they worked hard to get where they are today.

Rafa always dreamed of studying at BUET. He worked hard and got admitted to his desired department. Then, he started dreaming of pursuing higher education. After graduating from BUET, he worked for two and a half years, while preparing for higher education. Finally, in 2022, his dream came true. He got accepted into the University of Texas at Arlington for a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering in the Spring-2022 session.

Rafa worked as a research assistant while in post-graduation. He later joined Tesla Inc. as an intern. Tesla Inc. is an American company that makes electric vehicles and clean energy products. It was founded as Tesla Motors in 2003.

Rafa’s Tesla Ride

‘The target to come out was from the beginning. But it was difficult to get out of the BUET. I was a little hesitant then. Because leaving the family and moving out was not an easy decision. Took some time. That’s why I worked in the country for a while, said Rafa.

Finally, in 2021, after overcoming all doubts, Rafa decided to go abroad for studies. This time he is not alone. Her husband accompanied her. Both studied the same subject at different universities while in the country. So both of them had the goal of going outside the country to do their post-graduation. That’s how the two came to Texas and graduated from the same university.

Rafa said, ‘My husband got an internship opportunity at Tesla in 2022. Tesla’s office was in California. So he moved to California for work. I was in Texas. Our plan was how to stay in the same state. To be honest, when I started applying for internships, I didn’t apply anywhere else. I have applied for 15-20 positions in Tesla itself. Because my target was to come to California anyway.’

Rafa’s relentless pursuit may have gotten him into Tesla. Within a month of receiving Taufiq’s internship, Rafa also got an opportunity to do an internship in the Global Supply Management department at Tesla. Rafa’s husband also became a full-time employee at Tesla after completing his internship in May this year.

‘The future lies in the hands of those who believe in their dreams’ — like Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, Rafa believed in his own dreams from the start. ‘I didn’t want to do any mediocre job here. My goal has always been big,’ said Rafa.

Work experience at Tesla

In the context of Bangladesh, many people give less importance to the subject of Industrial and Production Engineering. But the importance of the matter is much greater in the international context. Job sectors in Bangladesh include various garments and multinational companies. But getting a job in a multinational organization is quite difficult. According to Rafa, those who study in IPE in Bangladesh should not only target the garment sector but also try to find jobs in all other manufacturing companies.

During his stay in the country, Rafa had experience working in the garment sector. Rafa began his internship at Tesla Inc. in the car seating team. The cutting method of car seat covers is very similar to garments. Previous experience is what drives him forward in this regard. After succeeding in the seating team, Rafa joined the car’s exterior team. Currently working there.

‘While in the country, everyone thought that since I had entered the garment sector, I would not be able to get out. But that is not true. An experience can be manipulated by man in many ways, if he so chooses. So you should not limit yourself to a small area and think big,’ said Rafa.

Rafa feels that he has learned a lot more by doing an internship at Tesla than what he learned while working in the country. Referring to their work area, he said, ‘Tesla works very quickly. Always be alert when working here. Decisions have to be made quickly.’

Let the preparation start from the university

According to Rafa, efforts to study abroad and create job opportunities should start from university life. Prepare for the GRE, TOEFL exams, especially during your second or third year at university

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