Monday , May 27 2024


Researcher claimed: Biometrics of Indian Forces Exposed

face recognition

Jeremiah Fowler, a security researcher, claimed to discover a major vulnerability in India’s data security. He found an unprotected database with a large amount of biometric data, such as fingerprints, facial scans, and other sensitive information, belonging to millions of Indian citizens. Jeremiah Fowler published his findings on global planet. …

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NSA Releases Guidance on Zero Trust Maturity


The NSA released an information sheet called “Advancing Zero Trust Maturity Throughout the Application and Workload Pillar.” This sheet will help organizations protect their applications from unauthorized users and maintain constant visibility of their workload. This CSI gives recommendations for achieving different levels of application and workload capabilities under the …

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Data protection is sovereignty: Mohammad A. Arafat
INFOCOM Dhaka ends promoting cyber resiliency


The two day long 7th edition of INFOCOM, India’s biggest business, technology, and leadership event, themed “Sustainable Disruption”, concluded today in Dhaka. The event gathered over 50 speakers from government, business, IT, media, academia, and other leaders from Bangladesh and India. “INFOCOM Dhaka’s main objective is to drive collaborative growth …

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Phoenix Summit 2024
Two days phoenix summit ended successfully at Dhaka


TheTeamPhoenix, a non-profit organization, successfully hosted Phoenix Summit 2024, the largest cyber security event in Bangladesh, from May 23-24. This summit aimed to inspire and empower both novices and seasoned enthusiasts, professionals in the field of cyber security and technology. Phoenix Summit 2024 was more than just a conference; it …

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CISA Added Apache Flink CVE-2020-17519 Vulnerability to KEV


CISA warns Apache Flink users about a critical vulnerability. Cybercriminals are exploiting this flaw to compromise systems. Apache Flink is a widely used open-source platform for processing large datasets in real-time analytics, machine learning, and data-intensive applications. Its capability to handle both bounded and unbounded data streams makes it a …

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Hacktivists group target Philippines government ransomware attack


SentinelOne researchers found that the Ikaruz Red Team is targeting the Philippines government using different ransomware builders like LockBit, Vice Society, Clop, and AlphV to carry out “small-scale” attacks. They are also sharing data leaks from various organizations in the Philippines. Ikaruz Red Team (IRT) has been targeting entities in …

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CISA Warns Exploiting NextGen Healthcare Mirth Connect Flaw


The US cybersecurity agency, CISA, added a flaw in NextGen Healthcare’s Mirth Connect product to its catalog of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV). A vulnerability in the open source product, known as CVE-2023-43208, allows remote code execution without authentication due to a data deserialization problem. A patch was rolled out with …

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