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LockBit new .onion address
LockBit returns; new five victims disclosed

Lock Bit

LockBit restarted their ransomware operation on a new infrastructure after law enforcement disrupted their servers. Now, they threat to target the government sector more with their attacks. The gang posted a long message admitting their negligence and sharing their future plans. “Due to my personal negligence and irresponsibility I relaxed …

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Cyberattack halts Malawi Immigration Dept. Passport Services

The government of Malawi has stopped giving out passports after a cyber-attack on the immigration service’s computer network. President Chakwera informed members of parliament about a significant breach of national security involving the department being targeted. He said the hackers demanded a ransom but the president said the government won’t …

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LockBit Reestablishes Dark Web Leak Site: Report

Lock bit

The LockBit ransomware group reactivated a hidden website on the dark web. They posted a long message written by their leader, who vowed not to retreat from the criminal underground world. The LockBit leader says the FBI used a vulnerability in PHP to hack their servers. They didn’t fix it …

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