Monday , December 11 2023

Ransomware delivery Via URLs: Reports Unit 42

Threat actors are resorting to employing URLs to send ransomware, as they constantly search for innovative methods to deceive victims and bypass their defenses. They are employing more and more sophisticated tactics to distribute their ransomware is making their actions more dynamic. Threat actors often use different versions of ransomware and frequently change hostnames, paths, filenames, or a combination of these to distribute ransomware widely.


Original BreachForums Breached, users PII Data sold Online

Unit 42 analyzed 7,000 random URLs out of 27,000 unique ones and found different techniques used by ransomware gangs to avoid detection, takedown, or blocking of malicious sites. To overcome victims’ defenses, threat actors have now resorted to utilizing URLs as the foremost method of distributing ransomware.

To see the full report of Unit 42 CLICK




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