Monday , December 11 2023

Bank Asia Managing Director resigned

Managing Director (MD) of Bank Asia Arif Billah Adil Chowdhury has resigned due to personal reasons not debt irregularities. He submitted his resignation late last week.

The company accepted his resignation and granted him leave till October 21. At the same time, additional MD Shafiuzzaman has been given the current responsibility of managing director by Bank Asia.

This information was revealed on Thursday (August 3) by Bank Asia sources.

According to sources, Arif Billah Adil Chowdhury’s family members live abroad. After joining as MD, his responsibilities increased more than before. Because of this, he could not give much time to his family.

As a result, he was always mentally uncomfortable in performing the duties of the bank. He could not bear this stress and planned to leave the job a month before. He finally submitted his resignation last week.

It was not possible to contact Adil Chowdhury on his mobile phone to get a statement on this matter.

Bank officials said that Bank Asia collects deposits, disburses and collects loans in accordance with the company law and central bank regulations. The Board of Directors takes a more scrutinized decision while passing the loan proposal. The news of MD sahib’s resignation due to debt is not correct. He resigned due to personal and family reasons.

When asked about this, Managing Director of Bank Asia Shafiuzzaman said that Arif Billah Adil Chowdhury resigned due to personal reasons. His resignation has nothing to do with loan approval.

A senior official, who did not wish to be named, said Arif Billah Adil Chowdhury’s family lives in Canada. He was in mental agony because he could not give more time to his family while performing the duties of the bank, and often said that he would resign. In the end, he resigned to give time to his family.

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