Monday , December 11 2023

Trend Micro Ranks #1 in Attack Protection MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® Evaluations

Trend Micro, a world-renowned leader in cybersecurity, has achieved remarkable results in the recent ATT&CK® Evaluation conducted by MITRE Engenuity. Outperforming over 20 other vendors, Trend Micro secured the top position in the protection scenario. Using the cutting-edge Trend Vision One™ platform, we were able to swiftly identify and prevent all 19 crucial stages of the simulation, successfully thwarting 100% of attack incidents during the 13 attack phases.

Regarding the issue Kevin Simzer, COO at Trend said, “Trend Vision One blocked the first steps in every phase of the attack, highlighting its exceptional protection and prevention capabilities to enable security teams to get back on the front foot against threats. It’s the latest demonstration of why our platform approach is so effective in mitigating real-world cyber risk and threats across diverse customer environments.”

MITRE Engenuity’s ATT&CK® Evaluations appraise a solution’s ability to detect targeted attacks leveraging known adversary behavior. This approach more closely mirrors critical real-world attacks.


Trend Micro Releases Urgent Fix for Critical Security Vulnerability

The evaluation in March 2023 focused on the Turla Russian advanced persistent threat (APT) group. Turla is known for its advanced malware and ability to avoid detection for long periods. Trend Vision One™ has proven its unwavering capability to thwart all Turla attack attempts in every simulated scenario, leaving no room for compromise. Trend Micro’s unwavering dedication assures that it’s customers’ environments remain safeguarded from any potential breach.

Trend’s performance was outstanding, with extensive detection coverage across the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix. It achieved a remarkable 100% analytics on all crucial steps required to promptly detect, respond, and mitigate attacks, effectively reducing the overall number of alerts. By doing so, it significantly reduced alert fatigue, enabling analysts to focus on critical tasks and enhancing their overall experience.

Its effectiveness in delivering accurate detection alerts during early and mid-stage tactics, particularly in protecting against unauthorized access to credentials, was remarkable.

The Trend Vision One™ platform leads the industry in EDR, XDR and cyber risk management. By blocking the first steps in every phase of the attack, Trend Vision One™ demonstrated it offers outstanding value to security and SOC teams by:

  • Minimizing escalation to incident response cycles
  • Lowering the number of detection alerts to analyze and respond to
  • Increasing time available to focus efforts on proactive security



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