Sunday , December 10 2023

Australia to build six ‘cyber shields’ to defend its shores

Yesterday, Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neill announced that Australia will construct “six cyber shields” to safeguard the nation. This initiative is a crucial aspect of the comprehensive national cyber security strategy.

During a speech at a cybersecurity summit, the strategy was outlined with six “shields.”

  • Education is essential for businesses and citizens to become well-informed about the online threats they encounter, learn how to defend their interests effectively, and be aware of the support available to them following any incidents.
  • Safe technology refers to having clear global standards for digital safety in products. These standards ensure that security is integrated into products from the beginning. The minister’s objective is to ensure that when you purchase a digital product in our country, it has undergone strict safety measures, just like you wouldn’t buy a car from a car dealership that is not safe to use.
  • Exchange threat intelligence between government and business in real-time to block threats before they harm Australians.
  • Enhancing government digital defenses is crucial for the protection of critical infrastructure.
  • We need to establish a robust cyber ecosystem where we have the necessary expertise and skills, where the field of cybersecurity becomes an attractive profession for young individuals nationwide. Our goal should be to create a versatile system that can adapt to new challenges and ensure our sovereignty in information security.
  • We must unite in a global effort to promote a stronger and more resilient region. This can be achieved through heightened engagement and strengthened partnerships, all aimed at enhancing our security. Assisting Australia’s neighbors to improve their security is part of this agenda.

By the year 2030, O’Neill envisions Australia to become a global leader in all aspects of cybersecurity, with all the aforementioned developments being implemented accordingly.


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