Saturday , December 9 2023

Hackers disrupt Russian satellite communications provider

A group of hackers claiming affiliation with the Wagner Group has taken down Dozor-Teleport, a Russian satellite communications provider used by energy companies and the country’s defense and security services.

The attack, which began on Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST, has resulted in the disconnection of Dozor-Teleport from the internet and the inaccessibility of its website. The hackers have also leaked approximately 700 files, consisting of documents and images, that they claim contain confidential information stolen from Dozor’s servers.

One of the leaked documents is an alleged agreement that grants Russian security services access to subscriber information from Amtel Svyaz, a satellite communication service provider that is the parent company of Dozor.

The hackers have not yet released any information about how they were able to breach Dozor’s systems. However, they have stated that they have damaged satellite terminals and destroyed confidential information.


Daily Cybersecurity Update, June-30, 2023

If the hackers’ claims are accurate, it could take several days to weeks to restore Dozor’s core network and several months to reprogram user equipment and achieve full restoration.

This cyberattack on Dozor-Teleport is the second major breach of a satellite telecommunications service provider in recent months. In February, Russia was accused of carrying out a cyberattack on Viasat, a U.S.-based satellite company, that disrupted internet service for tens of thousands of customers in Ukraine and Europe.

The attacks on Dozor-Teleport and Viasat highlight the vulnerability of satellite communications networks to cyberattacks. As more and more critical infrastructure relies on satellite communications, it is important for governments and businesses to take steps to protect their networks from attack.

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