Monday , December 11 2023

Microsoft Brings Passkey Support to Windows 11

Today, Microsoft is launching official support for passkeys in Windows 11, marking a significant update to the desktop operating system.

Users can conveniently log in to websites and applications without the hassle of entering a username and password. Instead, they can rely on the security of their device’s PIN or utilize biometric information to effortlessly complete the login process.

Passkeys were introduced in May 2022 as a secure alternative to traditional passwords. They are aligned with FIDO standards and help protect against phishing attacks. In recent months, Apple, Google, and several other services have adopted it.


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The passkey management feature was first introduced by the tech giant in the Windows Insider program in June 2023. Now, it is fully available for all users.

David Weston, the vice president of enterprise and OS Security, stated that passkeys are the future of secure sign-in management across different platforms. A passkey generates an exclusive and impossible-to-guess cryptographic credential, which is then securely saved on your device.

Passkeys offer multiple advantages. They are unique to each website or app, and they eliminate the need for creating complicated passwords and remembering them. They are also synchronized across devices within the same operating system or ecosystem, making the sign-in process even more convenient.

Windows Hello is the method used to create passkeys on Windows devices. To manage saved passkeys, simply go to Start > Settings > Accounts > Passkeys.

Microsoft announced that it will be introducing Windows Hello for Business to enterprise-managed Windows 11 devices. This exciting development aims to enhance security and protect user identities. IT teams will now have the power to enforce a policy for Microsoft Entra ID joined machines.

There are two important features for businesses: improvements to the Windows Firewall and a new Custom App Control option. These help protect devices from unauthorized apps and malicious code.

Weston emphasized the importance of application control in a security strategy. It helps manage and prevent the execution of harmful code. Application control is frequently mentioned as a highly efficient method for safeguarding against malware.

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