Sunday , December 10 2023

Hacker announced sale Islamic Bank and law enforcement agencies info

A hacker group has announced the sale of hacked data in their social media’s own group. At the same time, the website of a chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) court of Bangladesh is claimed to be hacked by a hacker group claiming them to be Indian.

                          Screenshot taken at (1.40 PM) on 19.10.2023

In an announcement on their own social media group on Wednesday (18 October), the hacker group said they had provided some samples a month ago. Now these data are ready for sale.

According to their post, two Gov.t entities, Islamic Bank and various hospitals’ information will be sold. For this, it is asked to contact a group address. The announcement was accompanied by a screenshot, which was published by the hacker group on September 19. It contains the national identity number, title, age and phone number of some individuals.

                           Source: Hackers post on their channel

On Wednesday (18 October), the hacker group reported hacking a company’s telephone server and a CMM court website. On Wednesday night, it was seen that the announcement of the hacker group was hanging on the website of the CMM court.

Hackers group announcement reads, “Stop messing around Indians. Maybe you have forgotten the history. We fucked East Pakistan smoothly to birth Bangladesh. Supporting terrorist influencer country Pakistan will be an ultimate downfall for you. Father is always father. “We Indians, We are leading whole world, Don’t mess with Indians.”


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