Thursday , November 30 2023

First-Ever Two-Way Phone Voice Calls by Satellite (Video)

Lynk Global, Inc. has made a groundbreaking achievement by releasing the world’s first-ever video of two-way voice calls between standard mobile phones connected via satellite. The video showcases a multitude of voice calls made using conventional mobile phones, which are connected through Lynk’s satellite-cell-towers already in orbit.

Charles Miller, CEO and co-founder of Lynk, emphasized the wise words of Carl Sagan, who once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Today, we proudly present a captivating video that highlights Lynk’s unwavering dedication to a superior standard.


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In March 2020, Lynk made history by connecting a satellite to a regular phone on Earth for the first time. We shared a video of this achievement with the world. “Today we are doing the same for two-way voice calls.”

Tyghe Speidel, CTO and co-founder at Lynk, emphasized that today’s news is at the core of their mission to connect people worldwide. The Lynk team is excited to showcase voice call capabilities, starting with the launch of SMS messaging service in Palau.

This is just the beginning, as more countries will be added to the list throughout the year. We will focus on SMS texting service for our MNO partners in the near future. However, these initial voice call results show progress in our technology and bring us closer to achieving our mission.

to see the video clikc

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