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How much water Chat GPT drink a day?

AI has been a hot topic for the past few days. Open AI launched ChatGPT in November 2022. Since the advent of these chatbots, many work patterns have changed. Many tasks are being done with the help of AI.

Even television news channels have developed AI anchors. There is also a lot of discussion about AI taking away human jobs later. Although experts and even governments are worried about AI.

Because in some cases there is a danger that it will be misused in the future. AI talks like a human, acts like a human, and even drinks enough water just like a human to take care of the body every day. Chat GPT, answers a question you ask, and drinks once. Are you surprised to hear? Thinking, it does not happen again? An artificial intelligence, he also eats water again! One such information has emerged, which will surprise you.

How much liters water Chat GPT drink a day?

Chat GP needs to drink enough water to answer your question. This popular artificial intelligence drinks about 500 ml (0.5 L) of water for every 20 to 50 questions. Researchers from the University of Colorado Riverside and the University of Texas Arlington have revealed that AIs need to pour millions of liters of water to keep their systems cool.

According to the researchers, 7,00,000  liters of pure water is required for GPT-3 training in Microsoft’s data center. About 350 BMWs and 320 Tesla electric cars can be produced with this amount of water. If GPT-3 were trained in an Asian data center, this water consumption would increase up to three times, the researchers said.

Why is so much water fed?

OpenAI’s Chat GPT drinks 500 ml of water every 25 to 50 questions it answers, researchers in Colorado and Texas report. This chatbot has a learning machine. in which all data is stored. And based on that data, Chat GPT answers your every question. Which is also called data center.

This data center processes millions of queries per second. That’s why data center temperature rises. Low temperatures in the data center are not a problem. But whenever it gets hot no more queries can reach the chat gpt. As a result, he cannot even answer. That is why the data center is cooled with water after some time.

Just what chat GPT drink water?

Chat GPT is not the only one behind which millions of liters of water are consumed. Google’s Bird also consumes a lot of water to keep data centers cool. According to a website called The Oregonian, Google’s global data centers will use 67,500 million liters of water in 2022.

Another investigation found that Google used around 125 crore liters of water in the region in 2021 alone. In this case, scientists are raising questions about the harmful effects on the environment.

How bad is the impact on the environment?

In order to save water and the environment, researchers say that water cannot be wasted on artificial intelligence. At the rate the world is running out of water, such an act will bring dire days. It will be wrong to say that it will only be summoned. People are already facing dire water crisis.

Artificial intelligence is also needed and the environment is also…

Technology should be taken forward while keeping the environment healthy. Scientists are also thinking of special arrangements for that. AI companies are considering building their data centers in a cooler location. It will not require this large amount of water to keep the learning machine cool. One company has already started experiments to implement this system. Microsoft is currently the only company experimenting with its data centers. As a result, the work of artificial intelligence will increase, but it will keep the environment healthy.

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