Saturday , December 9 2023

Daily Cybersecurity update, November 03

*About 5,000 Okta employees had their data accessed during a third-party data breach on October 12. The breach involved stolen information, including names, Social Security numbers, and medical insurance details of both current and former employees.

*The AP News website was down because of a DDoS attack. Only some pages and story links didn’t load, but the delivery to customers and mobile apps worked fine.

*MITRE has released version 14 of the ATT&CK framework. It includes improvements to detections and ICS and mobile matrices. The new version covers a total of 760 software, 143 activity groups, and 24 campaigns in enterprise, mobile, and ICS matrices.

*48 malicious packages were found in the npm repository. These packages can deploy a reverse shell on compromised systems. They used legitimate names to deceive users.

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