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Hacker’s new target the mass media of Bangladesh

Hackers have now posted the country’s mass media as the target of hacking. This has been confirmed by the intelligence source of BGD e-Gov CIRT, the government’s cyber issue watchdog.

The hacker group wrote in the post, “We will not only attack on websites, increase your tv channel (Broadcast) security and other IOT devices. DR. Shahjahan Mahmud, The managing director of Bangabandhu Satellite Company Limited  told, our satellite broadcasting system has several types of security measures.


15 August target possible big cyber attack in BD; CIRT Alert

He said, we are cautious. Earlier there were cyber attacks but the attackers were not successful. Salahuddin Salim, Broadcasting Head of Somoy Television and Information Technology Expert, told the broadcasting system here is mainly of two types, one is satellite and the other is internet based.

Currently, hackers target most established channels of social media to carry out hacking activities. Because many channels love broadcasting through social media, digital content is their target point. Hackers also attack the company’s website. In this case, even if it is hacked, it can be recovered in less time. But since social media is controlled from outside, it takes time to return.

Salahuddin Salim said, there are also issues of caution in our satellite broadcasting. Because, our native TV channels are on-air through Bangabandhu Satellite. The content of all the channels of the country is sent to Bangabandhu Satellite through fiber optic from the channels through fiber optic. So safety must be ensured from the channel to the ground station. If there is an attack in this process, the possibility of disruption of the transmission cannot be ruled out.

Computer Incident Response Team (BGD e-Gov CIRT), a cyber issue watchdog in the country, has issued a warning that there may be a major cyber attack on August 15 on Friday (August 4).

It has been said that a hacker group has announced a cyber attack in Pakistan as well as Bangladesh under the threat of claiming to be a hacker group in India.

CIRT’s alert also says that all government and private institutions including critical information infrastructure (CII), banks and financial institutions, health sector, power and energy should be alert for attacks.

According to the report, it is said that a hacker group inspired by religious and different ideologies has threatened a major attack on the cyber world of Bangladesh on 15 August.

In view of this, warnings are being issued to all government and private organizations including CII, banks and financial institutions, health care institutions. The press release advised all organizations to be prepared for small to medium cyber attacks on and after August 15.

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