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EC summoned Lands Ministry’s IT team and vendor intelligence clearence report

Election commission (EC) source said, On 5 October (Thursday) Election commission of Bangladesh (EC) sent a letter to the secretary of Land ministry where EC said to form a committee to investigate the matter.

EC also said, The intelligence team clearance report of  IT team and vendor of land ministry who are related to verify NID information must be submitted to EC.


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Election Commission (EC) has suspended services to the Ministry of Lands after a channel of the chatting app Telegram leaked personal information of Bangladeshi citizens. On that channel, personal information was available with Smart National Identity Card (NID) number and date of birth. After the NID verification service of the Ministry of Lands was stopped, the person’s information is no longer available from that Telegram channel.

In this regard, Director General of National Identity Registration Department AKM Humayun Kabir told reporters, “A two-member investigation committee has been formed with two of our system managers. Apart from this, those who are suspected to have received the information, their service has been stopped.

About taking action against the responsible person or organization, he said, ‘There is maximum system – if those who do software maintenance work, the work may be done by them, if so, then we will recommend to be blacklisted. He should not get a job anywhere in Bangladesh.

Earlier, the Commission had stopped providing NID verification service to the Ministry of Lands last July as well. The EC then relaunched the service after taking into account the public grievances and strengthening the security measures of their website.

Currently 175 government and private institutions are availing NID data verification service from EC server for fixed fee. These organizations use NID data verification services through API provided by EC.

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