Monday , December 11 2023

Cloudflare Unveils New Secrets Management Solution

Cloudflare on Thursday announced Secrets Store, a new solution designed to help developers and organizations securely store and manage secrets across the Cloudflare platform.

Any variable that needs to be stored securely and accessed by authorized users only is considered a secret, including credentials, cryptographic keys, tokens, and more.

Failure to store secrets securely when building an application can lead to a data breach or the application’s compromise, and ensuring good secret management becomes essential.

The use of a secrets manager can streamline the development process, as it ensures the security of sensitive information and helps meet security best practices, while providing ease of use to allow developers to build efficiently.

With sensitive data residing across machines, in the cloud, or on local infrastructure, the new Secrets Store aims to make it easier for its customers to manage these secrets across Cloudflare’s services.

Currently in beta, the management solution will allow administrators to set specific rules on who can view, create, modify, or delete secrets, as well as to access audit logs for every secret-related event, to track the access and use of their sensitive information.

The web security company will also allow customers to rotate encryption keys on-demand or at the pace they consider fit for their security posture.

“The need for secrets management goes beyond Cloudflare. Customers have sensitive data that they manage everywhere – at their cloud provider, on their own infrastructure, across machines. Our plan is to make our Secrets Store a one-stop shop for all of our customer’s secrets,” Cloudflare notes.

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