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AI in traffic signal in BD, Auto case while crossing white spot

Artificial intelligence (AI) signal system has been installed at Gulshan-2 signal in Dhaka on intersection trial basis. All types of vehicle movements are being monitored through this.

The AI camera shows how many cars have violated traffic laws before and after the signal is released. According to the information, in the last one month, three lac vehicles have broken the traffic law at this signal alone. Initially, this system will be introduced at 17 points in the capital. If fully launched, the case will be automatic.


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Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has taken this initiative to reduce traffic congestion and bring discipline in traffic management. According to the information of DNCC, the information obtained by monitoring the traffic of the area in the last one month is terrible. Three lac vehicles broke the law. Information collected through a central command center.

According to the preliminary observation, the rate of violation of the law shows that if this system is implemented, the traffic jam will be reduced across the capital, on the other hand, the tendency to break the parking or traffic laws will also be reduced. Automatically then the signal will come to the system.

Statistics of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) says that 1 lac 18 thousand 254 new vehicles were registered in Dhaka city alone in 2020, 1 lac 50 thousand 561 in 2021, 1 lac 74 thousand 812 were registered in 2022 and up to August this year new vehicle registrations There have been 87 thousand 362.

According to the data, in 2022, the highest number of motorcycles was registered in Dhaka, one lac 20 thousand 848. Then there are 14 thousand 946 private cars, 9 thousand 350 jeeps and 6 thousand 695 microbus registrations.

That is, BRTA statistics show that the number of vehicles in Dhaka city is increasing every year. But compared to that, new roads are not being built. Apart from the registration of BRTA, there are many other vehicles roaming in Dhaka city.

On several roads in Dhaka, it can be seen on the ground that even after the traffic police signaled the car to stop with their hands, many cars tried to break the signal and move ahead. Sometimes the traffic police members run and file a case, and sometimes it is not possible to file a case if the driver runs away.

Those concerned said that this system has been launched with artificial intelligence signal maintenance equipment, CC cameras, image cameras, video cameras and other equipment. Gradually every point of Dhaka city will be brought under AI.

The traffic policemen working at Gulshan-2 signal say that a traffic case will automatically be filed if you cross the white spot while the red light is on. As a result of this technology, many people have become aware. This will reduce the tendency to break traffic laws by 99 percent. Everyone will be alert as soon as the red light is on. With this modern management, the suffering of the traffic police will be reduced to a large extent.

Saifun Newaz, Assistant Professor of Accident Research Center of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) said, on the one hand, the workload of the traffic policemen will be reduced, on the other hand, if the system is brought under this system, the traffic congestion in Dhaka will also be reduced.

Gulshan Traffic Division Deputy Commissioner of Police (DC) Abdul Momen said that the City Corporation has introduced this system experimentally at Gulshan-2 signal. But the earlier timing system is no more.

As a result, there has been some confusion among the general public about red, yellow and green lights. The scope of work of traffic members has also increased. However, if the AI system with modern technology along with intelligence cameras is launched simultaneously at all points in Dhaka city, order will return to the roads. Because every road in the capital is a link with another.

Chief Executive Officer (Additional Secretary) of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC). Selim Reza said that a presentation was given at the Ministry of Home Affairs recently. A committee headed by the senior secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs has been formed. This committee will submit a report. Traffic management with AI technology will be finalized based on the report of the committee. It will initially be launched at 17 points including Gulshan.

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