Friday , December 1 2023

Police will not be able to check citizens’ devices under new law: Law Minister

Digital Security Act is being replaced to Cyber Security Act-2023. Under this law, the term of sentence has been reduced, there is provision for bail. The police will not be able to check citizens’ devices under the new law.

Law Minister Anisul Haque said these in a press conference at Agargoan Thursday (10 August) . The government will take two weeks to comment on the proposed cyber securityact-2023.

Law Minister Anisul Haque claimed that there is a criticism of new law but this criticism is not acceptable. According to him, the Cyber Security Act has been made to prevent misuse of digital laws.


“Cyber security act-2023” feedback open for 14 days

In the question and answer session, the Law Minister answered the questions of the journalists about various sections and penalties of the law. He said that the police will not be able to check the personal device of the citizen under the new law. The law minister also claimed that although this law has a maximum penalty of Tk 25 lakh, it is not always applicable.

On Monday (August 7), the Cabinet meeting approved the Cyber Security Act, almost all of the much-discussed Digital Security Act remained in the proposed law, so the question of many was whether the Digital Security Act is repealed?

Palak said that the draft of the proposed cyber security law was given on the website on Wednesday. The opinion of the participants will be taken. Two weeks have been fixed for this purpose.

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