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Asian APT

Securelist report
Modern Asian APT groups’ tactics, techniques and procedures

Research is regularly published about Asian APT groups targeting organizations from different industries. These campaigns and incidents don’t only happen in one region.

Research like this usually includes detailed information about the tools used by APT actors, the vulnerabilities they exploit, and sometimes even specific attribution. Despite the abundance of these reports, companies often lack preparation to fend off such attackers.


Exploring engagement of political parties on Facebook in Bangladesh

Cybersecurity professionals need advanced tools and techniques to combat threats. Along with expertise and experience, they also require infrastructure, asset management, vulnerability management, network segmentation, audits, and data security tools. Unprepared infrastructure is often the main reason Asian APT groups can carry out successful attacks.

Securlist report on Asian APT groups reveals their valuable intelligence. These groups attack many countries and industries. Our analysis of hundreds of attacks shows a common pattern and limited techniques used in various stages of the Cyber Kill Chain. Unfortunately, security teams struggle to detect these attacks in their own infrastructure.

Intended audience of this report:

The report provide the cybersecurity community with the best-prepared intelligence data to effectively counteract Asian APT groups. This report will be the most helpful to the following:

SOC analysts

Cyber Threat Intelligence analysts

Threat Hunting experts

Digital Forensics (DFIR) experts

Cybersecurity experts

Domain administrators

C-Level executives responsible for cybersecurity at their companies

This material is a knowledge library about the main approaches used by Asian APT groups for hacking infrastructure. The report contains detailed information about the attackers’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) based on the MITRE ATT&CK methodology.

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