Friday , December 1 2023

For security and maintenance NID server was closed: DG

The National Identity Card (NID) server of the Election Commission (EC) was closed for 38 hours due to maintenance and security. Earlier, Director General (DG) of NID Division Humayun Kabir said that the server was shut down at 12 midnight on December 14. He gave this information at a press conference on Wednesday (August 16) at noon.


6 institutions faced DDoS attack: BGD e-Gov CIRT, hackers claim more

DG said the server was shut down at 12 midnight on December 14. But it was not reported at the individual level for fear that the general public would be confused. I restarted it today at 2:30 pm.

Meanwhile, it is understood that the NID server is down since this morning. The service aspirants suffered due to this. They said that if they had told earlier, they would not have had to come from so far and suffer. Apart from this, due to the shutdown of NID server, several important functions including bank, passport are disrupted.

On Wednesday (August 16), various media outlets of the country claimed that the websites of 25 public and private institutions of the country were victims of cyber attacks by Indian hackers.

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