Thursday , November 30 2023

Dutch-Bangla Bank to invest in digital bank

Today, Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL) announced its plans to invest in a digital bank and establish two subsidiaries. This strategic move aims to enhance the bank’s presence in the capital market and further expand its business.


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DBBL has recently announced that its board has approved a groundbreaking plan to invest a substantial amount of Tk 12.5 crore in the highly-anticipated Digi10 Bank PLC. This remarkable move by DBBL involves joining forces with a consortium of 10 prominent banks. The bank will have 10 percent share in the proposed virtual bank.

Additionally, the private bank announced its board’s decision to establish a complete merchant bank named Dutch-Bangla Bank Investment Limited, with an intended paid-up capital of Tk 25 crore.

Furthermore, DBBL is planning to establish a brokerage house called Dutch-Bangla Bank Securities Limited. This new entity will serve as a stock dealer and broker.

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