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Data Protection Act is coming soon: Zunaid Ahmed Palak

ICT State Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak said that the Data Protection Act is coming soon. He said this at the opening ceremony of an award ceremony organized at the Bangladesh Computer Council Auditorium in Agargaon on Sunday (July 9) morning.

Palak highlighted that our next challenge lies in ensuring information security. According to Palak, in order to achieve this, we have classified information into various categories such as personal information, organizational information, classified information, exclusive information, and open information.


Not hacked, for system fault, data was accessible: Palak

He said, I have brought the draft law to the final stage. The Data Security Act is coming in the wake of recommendations received at national and international levels for data protection.

He said that after studying the recent laws of Australia, Canada and the CVPR of the USA and the United Nations, the law has been drafted based on everyone’s opinion. Palak said, “We will be able to present the Data Security Act in Parliament very soon.”

Earlier in his speech at the award ceremony, the state minister mentioned that information is more valuable than money and said, “We used to think that saving money is the job of cyber security.” But nowadays information is becoming more expensive than money. Data is the next currency, so we need to think about data privacy and data protection.

Palak affirmed that there was undoubtedly negligence on the organization’s part from where the website information was leaked. The concerned ministry will take appropriate action against those who have neglected their duties here.

Palak stated that although initially 29 institutions were identified as crucial information infrastructure, this number is progressively increasing. It was only after the cyber threats targeting Bangladesh Bank in 2016, where a staggering $81 million was stolen, that we become more aware of the significance of cyber security. Out of these 29 institutions, the institution that we identified in the list number 27 fell into such a situation.

Palak said, despite the warning, the officials of the concerned department did not take it into account. Due to their negligence, the state has suffered huge losses. Therefore, he said that the concerned ministry has been recommended to take action against the responsible officials of the concerned department.

He also said that the 29 organizations we have identified should have separate computer incident and emergency response teams.


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