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Daily Cybersecurity update, July 12, 2023

Once again proving that the educational sector is a favorite target among threat actors, a Michigan community college fell victim to a data breach. The incident possibly exposed the personal information of over 750,000 people. Another day, another government attacked. The Ministry of Digital Transformation in Trinidad and Tobago suffered a cyberattack, resulting in outages since June 30. This one’s for gamers; be careful while you go out buying game hacks. A PUBG hack was found deploying the Legion info-stealer. Read along for more.

Lansing Community College in Michigan has recently discovered a data breach that took place between late 2022 and early 2023. This breach has affected a significant number of individuals, including 757,832 employees, students, and vendors. As a result of this incident, their personal information, including Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and other sensitive data, may have been compromised.

The cyberattack on the Ministry of Digital Transformation in Trinidad and Tobago has resulted in significant disruptions to operations and the unfortunate loss of court documents that were being served electronically since June 30.

Microsoft has issued a warning regarding a phishing campaign carried out by Storm-0978. This campaign specifically targets defense and government organizations in Europe and North America. The attackers exploit a remote code execution vulnerability to carry out their attacks.

The Cl0p ransomware attack on MOVEit Transfer is causing more damage, with 250 organizations now affected. Recently, Radisson Hotels, American National Insurance Company, and Sun Life disclosed data breaches due to the same.

Cyble detected a deceptive GitHub page that pretends to offer a PUBG hack, but actually installs the info-stealing malware known as Legion. The malware particularly targets Minecraft session files and steals credentials from application files associated with the game.

The impact of the Cl0p ransomware attack on MOVEit Transfer continues to grow, with a total of 250 organizations now affected. Recently, Radisson Hotels, American National Insurance Company, and Sun Life disclosed data breaches due to the same.

Three Twitter accounts connected to the Chinese government were discovered spreading propaganda in Latin American countries such as Paraguay, Costa Rica, Chile, and Brazil. This was part of a cyber espionage campaign.

ASEC has uncovered multiple variants of the Rekoobe backdoor that specifically target Linux environments, including certain strains that have been specifically designed to target Korean companies. The backdoor is usually used by the China-linked threat group APT31.

A report by Group-IB showed a significarease in phishing websites and scam pages pretending to be real brands in 2022.

SaaS security startup Savvy raised $20 million in a funding round led by Canaan. Previous investors Cyberstarts and Lightspeed also participated.

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