Monday , December 11 2023

Bangladesh Bank some internet based services may be unavailable for 36 hours

Some internet based services of Bangladesh Bank will not be available from Monday (August 14) 8:00 pm to Wednesday (August 16) 8:00 am due to emergency maintenance activities. However, it is not clear which services will be closed. This information has been given in a notification of the central bank.

According to sources in Bangladesh Bank, the government’s Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) has warned that there may be cyber attacks on banks, financial institutions and other institutions on August 15.

Due to this, internet based services of Central Bank may be closed. The Incident Response Team warned on July 31 that cyber attacks could disrupt operations of State Critical Information Infrastructure (CII), banks, financial institutions, healthcare and government and private institutions.

An official of the bank said that to keep the internet-based services updated, maintenance activities have to be done on closing days. As part of this, some internet based services will be closed.

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