Thursday , November 30 2023

Antivirus bypass capabled malware “Daam” attack thousands of smartphone! CERT Alert

Android Smartphone users in front of the big warning signal? A new malware has been discovered, which may pose a major threat to Android users.

India’s Central Computer Emergency Response Team or CERT-In has already issued an alert in this regard. The malware, called ‘DAAM’, is infecting Android smart phones, they said.

From user’s call records to contacts, call records, even cameras can be hacked. The most dangerous aspect is that this malware called ‘DAAM’ can bypass anti-viral programs.

DAAM Malware: How is this malware spreading?

CERT-IN mentioned in their report that Android malware is spreading through third party websites and apps. This deadly malware named DAM is bypassing all the security checks that a Smartphone has. This makes it very convenient for a hacker to take control of the device and lead to incidents like banking fraud.


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DAAM Malware: Why is this malware dangerous?

Malware can take control of many of your most private things. Daam can record calls, access phone contacts, access call history, change passwords, take screenshots, download and upload files, steal SMS, take full control of the camera.

DAAM Malware: What to do to survive?

* Do not click on any suspicious links.

* Do not browse untrustworthy websites.

* Do not click on links from unknown, unsolicited emails.

* Be wary of shortened URLs like Bitly.

* Install antivirus and anti-spyware software.

* Verify SMS from bank twice instead of once.

* No information should be shared in online messages or phone calls.

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