Thursday , November 30 2023

Trend Micro Unleashes the Power of Generative AI in Vision One Platform

Trend Micro, a leading cybersecurity provider, has been incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into its solutions for the past decade. However, it has now embraced the power of generative AI. The company recently unveiled its Vision One platform, which integrates various cybersecurity capabilities such as extended detection and response (XDR), attack surface risk management (ASRM), and zero trust. This platform is an evolution of the previously introduced Trend Micro one platform in 2022, with the noteworthy addition of generative AI.

One of the highlights of the Vision One platform is the Trend Vision One companion—a gen AI-powered assistant designed specifically for security operation center (SOC) analysts. This advanced technology enables security teams to utilize natural language queries to effectively address questions, assist in threat hunting, and expedite remediation processes.


Daily Cybersecurity Update, June -5, 2023

Trend Micro’s COO, Kevin Simzer, emphasized the company’s focus on harnessing the power of generative AI in SOC environments. SOC analysts face the challenge of handling copious amounts of data and telemetry from various sources, making their job demanding and stressful. The gen AI companion serves as an optional tool that organizations can activate as part of Trend Vision One, empowering SOC analysts to conduct more effective threat hunting. By inputting queries in natural language, analysts can generate complex XDR queries required to identify potential risks.

The integration of security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) technologies has become increasingly prevalent in SOC environments, aiming to automate security processes. Simzer highlighted that the Vision One platform incorporates SOAR capabilities, which can potentially synergize with the gen AI companion to further enhance automation.

Furthermore, gen AI is proving to be advantageous for Trend Micro’s customer support optimization. The company leverages this technology to develop comprehensive knowledge-based articles that explain technology functionalities. Customer support representatives utilize gen AI to provide recommendations and address user inquiries effectively.

Regarding privacy concerns, Trend Micro has taken stringent measures to ensure the protection of customer data. The company has diligently trained and fine-tuned the gen AI system, implementing robust guardrails to prevent any customer data from being exposed within environment. Trend Micro remains committed to a methodical and responsible approach in safeguarding customer privacy.

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