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Coming National Debit Card, Launched in November

Bangladesh Bank took the initiative to launch ‘National Debit Card’ in July this year. Basically, this initiative has been taken to reduce dependence on foreign card companies and save dollars. Bangladesh Bank Executive Director and Spokesperson Mejbaul Haque said that this card will be officially launched in November.


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Majbaul Haque said that the National Debit Card may be officially launched in November. The services provided for the Bangladesh Bank card will be affordable. Due to this, if used at the national level, the customer’s cost will be reduced. For now it will be launched for domestic use, later the Taka-Rupee card will be launched.

It is known that the piloting of the National Debit Card will be carried out initially with 8 banks. Transactions can be done with this card within the country. If traveling from the country to India, the traveler can purchase the amount equal to the travel quota of 12 thousand dollars in Rs.

You don’t have to go through the hassle of currency exchange. About 6 percent wastage will be reduced in card transactions. It will also save dollars.

Earlier, Governor of Bangladesh Bank Abdur Rauf Talukder informed about the initiative of Bangladesh Bank to formulate National Debit Card. He said at that time that the country has Visa, Master or debit or credit cards of external companies. The country did not have its own card. User was restricted. I think the use of this card will increase instead of money.

As of last month, the number of debit, credit and prepaid cards in the country stood at 3 crore 26 lakh, 22 lakh 68 thousand and 44 lakh 9 thousand respectively. Debit card transactions were Tk 34,456 crores, credit cards were Tk 2,673 crores and prepaid cards were Tk 299 crores.

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