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Bangladesh store countries data inside the country thru’ Meghna Cloud

Bangladesh has built its first domestic cloud data center called ‘Meghna Cloud’. The main purpose of this center is to store the country’s data within its borders.

The speakers said that Meghna Cloud will help Smart Bangladesh progress. They made these comments at a workshop called “Data security in building Smart Bangladesh: BDCCL and Meghna Cloud’s new journey” at the Information and Communication Technology division in the capital city.


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Md Shamsul Arefin, the Secretary of the ICT Division, stated that the data center will save the government foreign currency by reducing the need for purchasing and using cloud technology from other countries. This means that Bangladesh will not have to depend on foreign data storage facilities.

He said that it might be necessary to have a data center in each district of the country. He hopes that this cloud service will be available to everyone.

Touhidul Islam Chowdhury, chairman of Gennext Technology Limited, stated that Meghna Cloud data centre aims to develop a security platform for government and non-government organizations.

‘I think if we give opportunity to the new generation, they will do wonder in this sector and able to provide this service on a larger scale,’ he added.

Speakers said that a new research and development center will be established for Meghna Cloud. This center will involve teachers and students from both government and private universities, as well as Bangladesh’s data center industry.

‘Meghna cloud centre will provide trainings on cloud related technology to about 5,000 students every year,’ they informed.

The state-owned data storage and disaster recovery services provider was chosen by the Uptime Institute for the Tier-IV Data Centre, as announced by the speakers.

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