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Kanchan Mallick, Regional head, East India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan at Trend Micro

Trend Micro give special focus on South East Asia, Specially Bangladesh: Kanchan Mallick

Trend Micro, a global cyber security leader, helps make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Fueled by decades of security expertise, global threat research, and continuous innovation, trend micro cyber security platform protects 500,000+ organizations and 250+ million individuals across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints.

As a leader in cloud and enterprise cyber security, its platform delivers central visibility for better, faster detection and response and a powerful range of advanced threat defense techniques optimized for environments, like AWS, Microsoft, and Google.

Especially after Covid-19 period, the world has witness a massive change in IT and Security industry. As offices, Schools and business go online, threat actor become more active than before.

As a security leader trend micro working with closely with Bank, NBFI and private institutions in antivirus software, endpoint security, email security, cloud security, and network security.

Mr. Kanchan Mallick is working as Regional head, East India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan at Trend Micro. Recently, Cyber security focused news portal InfoSecBulletin got a chance to get an interview of this expert in Bangladesh.

Here is the detail about the interview for the readers:      

Qs: 1

InfoSecBulletin: What’s Trend Micro’s vision in Bangladesh?

Kanchan Mallick, Trend Micro:

The first vision is to create as much cyber awareness as possible in Bangladesh. To accomplish this task, Trend Micro is working across BFSI, government institutions and the corporate sector where people and technology centric approach is working.

To achieve the goal, the organization arranged one-to-one sessions, workshops, as well as sharing necessary documents. Trend Micro has a vision to make students in Bangladesh proficient in cyber security. Kanchan Said, we not only want to work, we want to know, listen and work with the government, banks, private institutions.

Qs: 2

InfoSecBulletin: What solutions are being used in Bangladesh, how are the users of these solutions?

Kanchan Mallick, Trend Micro:

Trend Micro is dealing in Data Center Security, SOC Operation Center Security, Server Security and End Point Security in Bangladesh. The company is currently working with 27 banks in the country on various security issues.

Apart from Bangladesh Army, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), the organization has a considerable footprint in corporate institutions as well.

Qs: 3

InfoSecBulletin: How is the output of trend micro solutions in the banking sector?

Kanchan Mallick, Trend Micro:

The organization is satisfied with the output of Trend Micro’s various services in the banking sector. The company claims that it has received positive feedback on its services from several banks in Bangladesh. He said, we audit and assess ourselves technology wise which has added an extra feather to our success.

Kanchan Mallick said Bangladesh Bank is our big customer, working with them on various issues with reputation; other banks are also turning towards our various services. “Trend Micro is protecting against ransomware to protect the bank’s reputation,” he added.

Qs: 4

InfoSecBulletin: Are knowledge sharing sessions organized with customers?

Kanchan Mallick, Trend Micro:

Trend Micro organizes various programs for the convenience of users. Workshops, tech days etc. are organized mainly in one to one, 1:2, 2:3 and 3:1 format. He said, the workshops are organized in this way to make them effective.

Qs: 5

InfoSecBulletin: What is Trend Micro’s role in compliance?

Kanchan Mallick, Trend Micro:

Kanchan Mallick said, Trend Micro works on how to adhere to all the guidelines given by Bangladesh Bank like RBI Compliance in India (Reserve Bank of India), CERT Compliance in Bangladesh or Bangladesh Bank with our technology.

He said, we are working with Bangladesh Bank in the same way as we work with RBI, Singapore, Japan and we are working on how other banks can use our technology to meet compliance.

Qs: 6

InfoSecBulletin: What is Trend-Micro’s position in the South-Asian region?

Kanchan Mallick, Trend Micro:

Kanjan Mallick said that Singapore is the country with the highest revenue generator. In addition, Japan is now in the top position. Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangkok especially Thailand is our major market, China is the developed market, in the number one position in South-East Asia, but on average, all countries are good. He said the opening of South-East Asia office in Singapore is a milestone for South-East Asia.

Qs: 7

InfoSecBulletin: Recently it has been observed that many international organizations are increasing their business scope in Bangladesh, What’ about Trend Micro?

Kanchan Mallick, Trend Micro:

Bangladesh is no exception to trend micro investing to ensure quality, sustainability and customer trust. The company is divided into banking vertical, governance vertical, technology vertical in Bangladesh and has been working to keep the partners up to date with technology at all times.

Kanchan Mallick said that the Trend Micro wants to ensure maximum customer support and ensure business growth by achieving customer satisfaction.


Daily Cybersecurity Update, June-16, 2023

Qs: 8

InfoSecBulletin: What are trend Micro’s new solution coming?

Kanchan Mallick, Trend Micro:

The most important solution is that Trend Micro has brought Platform as a Service for customers, we offer a complete platform. He said, customers can have Trend Micro solutions, non-Trend Micro solutions, but Trend Micro is working on end-to-end security so that customers can sit on a single console and manage everything together.

Kanchan Mallick said, platform as a service user does not need to invest for (Security Operations Center)  SOC. The service also applies to public or on-premises cloud.

He said, we are also maintaining data sovereignty, localization of country data; in this case we are willing to work closely with the government so that we can do something in-house for Bangladesh.

He added, we are bringing a big platform called Vision One which will have one agent, single console, dashboard, all third party integration without needing a separate SOC.

AI Chatbot/Predictive Machine Learning comes to us as we are old company so this system will have traditional part, AI part and hybrid part which will serve the customer in modern way.

He said, if the user does not understand about any threat, then he can take help through the chatbot. The chatbot will also know if there are any threats in its environment. That is the depth of this technology.

InfoSecBulletin: Thank you for discussing the valuable information with us.

Kanchan Mallick: you are most welcome.


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