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Daily Cybersecurity Update, June-16, 2023

With every passing day, ransomware actors are causing increasing disruptions. In one such case, a real estate firm operating multiple addiction recovery centers fell victim to an attack, resulting in the compromise of the PHI of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Following the deadline of June 14 to pay the ransom, the Cl0p ransomware group started leaking the names of its victims. The list includes pretty big names, who suffered due to the MOVEit Transfer bug. On to our last headline, research disclosed that threat actors are abusing mining pools for money laundering. Read along for more.

  1. “Ransomware Attack Exposes Personal and Health Data of 320,000 Individuals at Onix Group”
  2. “Cl0p Ransomware Group Exposes 37 Organizations, Including Shell, Across Multiple Sectors”
  3. “Chilean Army’s Network Compromised by Rhysida Ransomware Group, 360,000 Documents Leaked”
  4. “New GravityRAT Variant Targets Indian Users via Messaging Apps, Stealing WhatsApp Backup Files”
  5. “Chinese Nation-State Actor UNC4841 Behind Barracuda ESG Zero-Day Attacks, Targets 16 Countries”
  6. “Ransomware Actors Exploit Mining Pools for Money Laundering, Transferring Millions”
  7. “Russian Threat Actor Shuckworm Targets Ukrainian Entities with Info-Stealers”
  8. “Vidar Malware Operators Conceal Activities with Altered Infrastructure, Focusing on Moldova and Russia”
  9. “FCC Establishes Privacy Task Force to Combat SIM Swapping and Address Data Privacy Concerns”
  10. “Trust Lab Raises $15 Million in Series A Funding for AI-Powered Content Moderation Platform”

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