Thursday , November 30 2023

France Space Center Attacked! NoName Targets French Government Websites

Politically motivate group NoName added French government websites to its victim list.

The group enlisted the National Center for Space Studies of France. The website was inaccessible at the time of writing. Besides the France Space Center attack, they also claimed an attack on the Ministry of Labor of France.

Although the threat intelligence researchers of FalconFeedsio tweeted that the websites were active while they were publishing the news, The Cyber Express found that both websites were inaccessible at the time of writing.

NoName, which is considered a pro-Russian hacker group, has been relentlessly targeting websites of governments of nations in support of Ukraine over the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Nearly all founding NATO countries are against Russia in the war including France, Italy, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland among others. However, Belarus has been among the biggest supporter of Russia.

The Cyber Express has reached out to the CNES for a comment on the security incident but is yet to receive a response.

Besides the news of the France Space Center attack, the group has also posted about the attack on the French Senate. The post on the leak site stated that they were irked by France working with Ukraine on an aid package.

“We read in the media that France is working with Ukraine on a new aid package, which may include weapons; as well as statements by French Minister Catherin Colonna, who boasts that the authorities of her country are spending their taxpayers’ money on weapons for Bandera, and, without thinking twice, we crashed the website of the French Senate,” read the post.

NoName targeted and listed Swedish and Ukrainian government websites this week. They hacked the website of the Swedish armed forces and parliament.

The following Ukrainian government websites were listed by the group:

1) The website of the Security Service of Ukraine

2) The portal for the National Academy of Security Services of Ukraine

3) Portal of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine

4) Information portal of the city of Kyiv

5) The website of Bratstvo party

6) Portal with the train schedule of the Kyiv city

The group has a following of nearly 14,000 users on Telegram which was created on March 11, 2022. NoName usually launches DDoS attacks to flood the network with countless requests and delay it services.

Source: cyberexpress

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