Thursday , November 30 2023

Daily Cybersecurity Update, June -01,2023

Misconfigured systems can spill data, which can be used by threat actors to breach a company’s systems and hijack communication channels.

In one instance, a misconfiguration issue in Swiss real estate agency Neho’s website exposed sensitive credentials for AWS, email services, communication tools, and review platforms to the public. This put the company’s internal systems and corporate communications at risk.

Threat actors are also targeting the healthcare sector.

An Idaho hospital and its partner clinics fell prey to an attack that forced it to redirect emergency services. The incident also impacted Idaho Falls Community Hospital and its partner hospitals.

The Dark Pink group has been active this year, amassing five new victims.

New research revealed that the Dark Pink group has been pretty active this year as it amassed five new victims. The group has targeted government, education, and military organizations in Belgium, Thailand, and Brunei.

Here are some other recent cyberattacks:

  • Greece’s Education Ministry suffered a DDoS attack that disabled a centralized high school examination platform. This affected computers from 114 countries, causing outages and delays in high school exams.
  • Discord communities focused on cryptocurrency were hacked after their administrators were tricked into running malicious Javascript code disguised as a web browser bookmark.
  • Scammers stole $170,000 from crypto investors by hacking the Twitter account of American DJ Steve Aoki and posting a message that promoted a new cryptocurrency token, PSYOP.
  • The Anonymous Sudan threat group demanded a ransom of $3 million from Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) to stop the DDoS attacks on the airline’s websites it has been conducting since February.
  • Trend Micro researchers spotted similarities between the new BlackSuit ransomware and Royal ransomware, with both employing intermittent encryption techniques to accelerate the encryption process on victims’ systems.
  • Threat actors were found advertising the new SeroXen RAT, on underground forums, which combines the capabilities of Quasar RAT, r77-rootkit, and the command line NirCmd. It is mostly popular in the gaming community.
  • A group of Ukrainian attackers claimed to have destroyed the infrastructure and stolen the documents and project source code belonging to Skolkovo Foundation, Russia’s ‘Silicon Valley’.

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