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Daily Cybersecurity Update, April-27, 2023

A Massachusetts city became the victim of a cyberattack that severely disrupted its network and systems. Residents have been notified. Let us introduce you to malverposting – threats delivered through social media. In one such campaign, the attacker has been exploiting Facebook Ads. Moving on, security researchers identified two ransomware operations abusing the Papercut bugs. Here is the latest from the past 24 hours.


The City of LowellMassachusetts, notified its residents of a security breach that impacted the municipality’s computer systems, impacting phonesemails, and other city systems.


Guardio Labs spotted a new malverposting campaign, attributed to a Vietnamese threat group, that surpassed 500,000 infections worldwide. It abuses Facebook Ads.


Russian hackers are attempting to inject ransomware into Ukraine‘s logistics supply chain and those of the Western countries that back Kyiv in its fight against Moscow – warned the NSA.


The Iranian Charming Kitten threat group (aka APT35 and Phosphorus) was found targeting victims in the U.S., the Middle EastEurope, and India with a new BellaCiao malware.


The Russian-speaking Nomadic Octopus was found conducting a politically-motivated surveillance operation against high-ranking government officials, public service infrastructure, and telecom providers in Tajikistan.


The Medusa ransomware group leaked the SSNsbirthdaysmental health records, and other sensitive information of students from the Minneapolis Public Schools district. The hack occurred in March.


Microsoft attributed the recent Papercut server attacks on the Cl0p and LockBit ransomware groups that are stealing corporate data from vulnerable servers.


The Ukrainian cyber police apprehended a citizen for selling the sensitive information and personal data of more than 300 million people from various European nations.


McAfee discovered 38 Minecraft-like games on the Google Play Store with hidden advertising packets, collectively dubbed HiddenAds, that were installed by at least 35 million users worldwide.


California-based SaaS platform Sonet[.]io emerged from stealth with $6 million in a seed funding round co-led by The Hive and WestWave Capital.

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