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Tuesday , October 3 2023

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Bangladesh-India “CYBER MAITREE-2023” start tomorrow

Bangladesh-India is jointly going to celebrate “CYBER MAITREE-2023” from 02-04 October 2023 arranged by Enhancing Digital Government and Economy (EDGE) project. In this three days cyber security training and exercises, Shri SS Sarma, Senior Director, CERT-IN, Shri Ashutosh Bahuguna, Senior Scientist, CERT-IN and Shri Gaurav Pathak, Scientist, CERT-IN will join …

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Hackers Manipulate Font Size to Bypass Office 365 Security

ZeroFont Phishing is a new yet old technique for sending Phishing emails. It allows threat actors to bypass security mechanisms and successfully send phishing emails. Using this technique, attackers were able to evade Microsoft’s Natural Language Processing, which was serving as portion against phishing emails for Office users. Office 365 …

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