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Tuesday , October 3 2023

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Dual ransomware attack: The Next Generation of Cybercrime

The FBI has identified dual ransomware attacks as an increasing cybercrime trend. These attacks involve targeting a company twice within a short period of time. The attackers use two different types of ransomware to cause maximum harm, resulting in data encryption, data theft, and financial losses from ransom payments. AvosLocker, …

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Context-sensitive defenses in Sophos Endpoint

Sophos Endpoint uses advanced technologies to protect users and devices. It includes reducing the risk of threats, using deep learning to detect and prevent malware, and providing industry-leading protection against ransomware and exploits. Sophos has developed a new type of protection called context-sensitive defenses. With this feature, Sophos Endpoint adjusts …

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“Take over” and “flag Hunt”: Powered by Bangladesh Army

Take over (Elite research gathering) and flag hunt is going to be held on 16 October-2023 at MIST powered by IT Directorate, Bangladesh Army. The event is divided into two parts. The first one is “take over” Elite research gathering, a cybersecurity research-based conference and a platform to inspire local …

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