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Tuesday , October 3 2023

Not major, but three sites are victims of DDoS attack: CIRT

According to the announcement, the hacker group claimed that the country’s cyber attack has been carried out since the morning (September 19). The hacker group has already shared screenshots of several sites after the attack.

The hacker group shared two major hospitals attack screenshot of the country. The group also provided a link to check when the site was down.

The hacker group claimed to attack an ISP provider’s site by sharing a screenshot of email, password, phone number address and transaction.

In this regard, ISPAB President Imdadul Haque told that we are taking precautions regarding the attack so that no major accident occurs.

Besides, the group demanded cyber attacks on the sites of three other important government organizations.

In this regard, the project Director of BGD E-Gov CIRT, Eng. Saiful Alam Khan told that no major cyber attack has happened so far. However, three sites were attacked by DDoS. He claimed that the affected sites have already been activated.


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DDoS attacks can happen anytime, he said, so there is no alternative to being vigilant about cyber attacks.

Before this, ICT division held a meeting with the CII affiliated institutions on September 12 about the September 19 cyber attack. At this time, they advised public and private organizations to be cautious of cyber attacks.

According to BGD e-Gov Cert, the hacker group attacked more than 10 sites in the country on August 15.

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