Tuesday , December 5 2023
IBM World Headquarters

IBM launched Cloud-Native SIEM improving security

IBM has launched Cloud-Native SIEM solution to improve security teams’ scale, speed, and flexibility.

Organizations can benefit from improved threat detection and response capabilities with this new offering. It helps them protect their digital assets and stay ahead of cyber-attacks.

IBM Security secures big companies and governments with a range of security products and services that use AI and automation.

IBM is a major player in the security industry. They have a strong presence worldwide, allowing them to monitor a large number of security events every day in many countries.

IBM has over 10,000 security patents that have been granted globally, demonstrating its dedication to innovation.

Securing the cloud is a challenging task due to its complex attack surface. The IT industry struggles to detect and identify threats in this environment.

Less than half (49%) of the alerts that SOC specialists are supposed to review each day are actually checked, according to a recent global survey.

Cloud-Native QRadar SIEM:

Cloud-native QRadar SIEM helps security teams optimize resources to efficiently identify and respond to security threats in real-time.

The goal is to enhance the work of security analysts by utilizing artificial intelligence to automate repetitive tasks, allowing them to dedicate their attention to identifying and addressing critical security issues.

The cloud-native SIEM is an important part of IBM’s goal to bring in the next generation of security operations for the hybrid cloud and AI era. The primary goal is to make security technology easier to use and understand.

It is designed by Red Hat OpenShift and QRadar SIEM, allowing better collaboration with the Harness security community for detecting and investigating security issues across different data sources in the Deep Partner Network.

IBM plans to release Generative AI in early 2024. This technology will enhance SOC productivity, improve security, and enable higher-performance work.

  • Automate Reporting
  • Accelerate Threat Hunting
  • Interpret Machine-Generated Data
  • Curate Threat Intelligence

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