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G20 summit: Indian Hackers’ Counteroffensive Against Hacktivists’ Anti-India Ops

Amidst the G20 Summit in New Delhi, a new front is taking shape in the realm of cyberspace. Indonesia and Pakistan  are leading a united front in a cutting-edge cyber campaign called ‘#OpIndia,’ strategically aimed at numerous Indian government websites. However, Indian hacktivist groups are not sitting idle.
Source: Indian Cyber Force

The Rise of Indian Cyber Force (ICF)

The Rise of Indian Cyber Force (ICF) The Indian Cyber Force, also known as ICF, has emerged as a powerful and effective deterrent against cyber threats. The group has:

Reported over 100 websites used for launching cyber attacks.
Reported 15-plus vulnerabilities in government websites.

In another noteworthy move, ICF responded by retaliating against ‘,’ the domain of the Indonesian Army, effectively forcing it offline. Moreover, the group successfully disrupted the functioning of the Indonesian Embassy website, temporarily rendering it inaccessible for approximately 35 minutes.
Source: Team NWH

Team NWH Joins the Fray

ICF is not fighting this cyber battle alone. Team NWH, yet another Indian hacking group, has also rolled up their sleeves and joined the fray. They have:

Orchestrated DDoS attacks on the Bangladesh government’s services portal
Retaliated against Pakistani police websites, including and

Source: Telegram
Telegram Steps In
Telegram has taken a momentous step by banning all hacking groups that are anti-India from its platform. Indonesian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi channels are no longer available in India. These channels can still be accessed outside of India. As a result, these groups are moving to platforms like Twitter. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to cover this riveting story.
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