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Leads corporation wants Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)

Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)

LEADS Corporation Limited

Vacancy: Not specific

Job Context

    Initially DBA will report directly to Head of Banking Solutions. It`s a renewable contractual/regular position.

Job Responsibilities

  • Creates and maintains all databases required for development, testing, education, and production usage.
  • Performs the capacity planning required to create and maintain the databases. The DBA works closely with system administration staff because computers often have applications or tools on them in addition to the Oracle Databases.
  • Performs ongoing tuning of the database instances.
  • Install new versions of the Oracle RDBMS and its tools and any other tools that access the Oracle database.
  • Plans and implements backup and recovery of the Oracle database.
  • Controls migrations of programs, database changes, reference data changes and menu changes through the development life cycle.
  • Implements and enforces security for all of the Oracle Databases.
  • Performs database re-organizations as required to assist performance and ensure maximum uptime of the database.
  • Puts standards in place to ensure that all application design and code is produced with proper integrity, security and performance. The DBA will perform reviews on the design and code frequently to ensure the site standards are being adhered to.
  • Provides technical support to application development teams. This is usually in the form of a help desk. The DBA is usually the point of contact for Oracle Corporation.
  • Enforces and maintains database constraints to ensure integrity of the database.
  • Administers all database objects, including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences, packages and procedures.
  • Assists with impact analysis of any changes made to the database objects.
  • Troubleshoots with problems regarding the databases, applications and development tools.
  • Create new database users as required.
  • Manage sharing of resources amongst applications.
  • Creating complex query definitions that allow data to be extracted.
  • Training colleagues in how to input and extract data.
  • Build database systems of high availability and quality depending on each end user’s specialized role.
  • Design and implement database in accordance to end users information needs and views.
  • Define users and enable data distribution to the right user, in appropriate format and in a timely manner.
  • Use high-speed transaction recovery techniques and backup data.
  • Minimize database downtime and manage parameters to provide fast query responses.
  • Provide proactive and reactive data management support and training to users.
  • Determine, enforce and document database policies, procedures and standards.
  • Perform tests and evaluations regularly to ensure data security, privacy and integrity.
  • Monitor database performance, implement changes and apply new patches and versions when required.

Employment Status


Educational Requirements

  • B.Sc/ M.Sc in Computer Science Engineering from any reputed University.
  • Skills Required: Database Administration, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Database

Experience Requirements

  • At least 4 year(s)
  • The applicants should have experience in the following area(s):
    Database Administrator (DBA), DBA Certified, OCP 11(Oracle Certified Professional), Oracle 12c

Additional Requirements

  • Age at least 26 years
  • Both males and females are allowed to apply
  • Excellence in Installation and configuration of Oracle11g, 12c, PostgreSQL in Linux and Windows environment.
  • Creation of Database Using DBCA GUI utility and silent mode.
  • Experience in capacity planning, space management, database upgrades/migration.
  • Good experience on User management, Roles and Profiles creation
  • Monitoring the table fragmentation and rectify by online redefinition of tables.
  • Experience in Cold backup, hot backup and recovery in RMAN.
  • Restore database in PITR through RMAN.
  • Tablespace management chained rows, extent and segment management.
  • Implementation of Tablespace Encryption (TDE).
  • Monitoring the use of UNDO segment and temporary segments.
  • Analyzing the SQL queries using explain plan and creating necessary indexes.
  • Designing and implementing backup and recovery strategies.
  • Ensuring security of the database.
  • Backup on Tables, Schema and Database level using datapump Utility.
  • Handling Partitioning on tables.
  • Cloning database from production to testing using RMAN Backup.
  • Experience in Upgrade database (12c to 19c).
  • Performance turning to the SQL query, Analyzing AWR report, ADDM report.
  • Configuring OEM and monitoring database through OEM console.
  • Installation of RAC/ASM and managing RAC Environment efficiently in 12c,19c.
  • Creating ASM disk group using ASMCA.
  • Data guard setup and DGMGRL configuration.
  • Periodically Switchover the database from primary to standby and standby to primary.
  • Oracle 12c/+ new features, CDB/PDB concepts and database creation.

Job Location


Salary: Negotiable

Compensation & Other Benefits

  • Mobile bill, Weekly 2 holidays, Provident fund, Gratuity
  • Salary Review: Yearly
  • Festival Bonus: 2
  • Attractive Leave Package: Casual Leave, Sick Leave, Annual Leave, Maternity Leave
  • Internal and External Training.
  • Leave Fare Assistance.
  • Flexible Working Hours.

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