Thursday , November 30 2023

NSA and CISA published top 10 cybersecurity misconfigurations

The NSA and CISA have released their findings on the “Top Ten Cyber Security Misconfigurations” to enhance national cybersecurity. The report, released on October 5, 2023, highlights security mistakes that organizations need to be aware of.

The report is important for public and private organizations that want to improve their defenses against cyber threats. The collaboration between the NSA and CISA is important because it shows the growing need to tackle cybersecurity challenges immediately.

The top ten cybersecurity misconfigurations highlighted in the report are:

1. Weak Passwords:
Weak password policies and the use of easily guessable passwords are still a problem.

2. Lack of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):
Not implementing MFA puts systems at risk of unauthorized access.

3. Unpatched Software:
Old software and vulnerabilities leave room for cyber attackers.

4. Excessive Permissions:
Giving users too many privileges can result in unauthorized access to data.

5. Poorly Configured Cloud Storage:
Incorrectly configured cloud storage can lead to data exposure and security breaches.

6. Insecure Network Services:
Running unnecessary or insecure network services increases the risk of being attacked.

7. Lack of System Backups:
Not having reliable backups can lead to data loss in cyber incidents.

8. Misconfigured Security Settings:
Incorrect security settings can cause unintended exposures.

9. Neglected Monitoring:
Insufficient monitoring and logging make it difficult to detect security incidents.

10. Inadequate Access Control:
Insufficient access controls can result in unauthorized access to important resources.

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