Thursday , November 30 2023

How do you defend against a malware loader?

Several steps can help minimize the threat from malware loaders. Here’s what ReliaQuest suggests:

To enhance your workflow and streamline your scripting tasks, I recommend optimizing the default execution engine for JS files from Wscript to the versatile Notepad. Additionally, you have the flexibility to extend this configuration to accommodate any other script files that would benefit from this change. Simplify your scripting process and improve efficiency by configuring a GPO (Group Policy Object) with this transition. This will prevent these files from being executed on the host.


Urgent FBI Warning: Barracuda Email Gateways Vulnerable Despite Recent Patches

Prevent the arrival of emails containing file extensions commonly employed to distribute malware. To minimize the risk of malware and unauthorized activity, it is advisable to implement firewall and proxy configurations that limit the ability of company assets to establish arbitrary internet connections.

Restrict the usage of remote-access software unless it is absolutely necessary for an individual’s job. Alternatively, implement stronger monitoring measures to identify any potential misuse. This software is a favorite among cybercriminals, especially IABs and ransomware operators, as it allows them to easily gain and retain access to networks.

We should disable ISO mounting since it has become an increasingly effective method for evading antivirus or endpoint detection systems.

To enhance security, it is crucial to implement USB access control as well as Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to effectively prevent any unauthorized execution of autorun commands. If business conditions permit, it would be prudent to consider disabling access to any removable media.

Provide comprehensive training for your staff to effectively identify social-engineering tactics that are commonly utilized on the web. Additionally, ensure that your team has an accessible and appropriate channel to promptly report any suspicious emails or other potentially malicious activities they come across.

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