Monday , December 11 2023

Daily Cybersecurity Update, June-28, 2023

In January, Atlantic General Hospital underwent a ransomware attack that compromised the PHI of thousands of people. However, according to the latest revelations, the actual number is five times greater than the initially disclosed one. In other news, the LetMeSpy Android stalkerware got hacked, exposing user information. Coming to the topic of ransomware, this relatively new ransomware, 8base, has amassed a good number of victims in just June. Read along to know more.

  • Atlantic General Hospital
    • A ransomware breach at Atlantic General Hospital in Maryland compromised the sensitive data of nearly 137,000 patients. This is five times more than the previously disclosed number of 30,700 victims.
  • LetMeSpy
    • The developer of the Android stalkerware LetMeSpy experienced a cyberattack, resulting in unauthorized access to user data. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, and message content. LetMeSpy was installed on around 10,000 devices.
  • Cl0p ransomware group
    • At least 131 organizations appear to have been impacted by the Cl0p ransomware group’s attacks against MOVEit Transfer. The threat actor listed 108 organizations, including seven U.S. universities.
  • 8Base ransomware group
    • The 8Base ransomware group has experienced a significant increase in activity since June. They have targeted multiple organizations worldwide and engaged in double-extortion attacks. So far, they have listed 35 victims on their extortion site.
  • Triada trojan
    • Check Point discovered a modified version of the Telegram Messenger app that contains the Triada trojan. This trojan can perform various malicious actions, such as stealing login credentials and signing up the user for paid subscriptions.
  • Ukrainian cyber police
    • Ukrainian cyber police raided nine fraudulent call centers involving over 200 operators running vishing campaigns. These operators were impersonating bank and other financial institution employees to obtain credit and debit card data.
  • ThirdEye info-stealer
    • FortiGuard Labs spotted ThirdEye, a new info-stealer that collects information from compromised Windows machines. This information could potentially be used in future cyberattacks.
  • UAE and Israel cybersecurity project
    • The UAE and Israel are collaborating on a cybersecurity project called “Crystal Ball”. This project aims to create a digital platform for sharing information. The project also involves Microsoft, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, and CPX, with the participation of other countries.
  • Cyera funding round
    • Data security startup Cyera bagged a whopping $100 million in a Series B round led by Accel. Sequoia, Cyberstarts, and Redpoint Ventures also participated in the round.
  • Astrix Security funding round
    • Astrix Security, an access management platform for third-party app integrations, raised $25 million in a Series A funding round led by CRV. Bessemer Venture Partners and F2 Venture Capital also participated in the round.

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