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Daily Cybersecurity Update, June 09-2023

Only recently did Barracuda ask you to replace your hacked ESG appliances and we already have our first victim. The Australian capital suffered a security breach, owing to a vulnerability in the product. Another day, another unsecured bucket. A database containing hundreds of thousands of files belonging to Pflegia was found leaking sensitive data of job seekers. The threat landscape was introduced to a new group that has been combining crimeware and cyberespionage. Here are the top 10 highlights from the past 24 hours.


The Australian Capital Territory (ACTgovernment suffered a security breach in the Email Security Gateway (ESG) appliances provided by Barracuda, which potentially impacted some personal and government information.


An exposed AWS bucket belonging to the German recruitment platform Pflegia was found leaking 360,000 files containing the names, contact details, and other sensitive information of users.


Landal Greenparks, a holiday park operator, has suffered a data breach affecting 12,000 guests, due to a vulnerability in its MOVEit Transfer system. The attack potentially compromised the namesbirth dates, and addresses.


France’s largest university Aix-Marseille suffered a cyberattack that disrupted its access to the university network. The nature of the attack has not been confirmed yet.


The government of MontclairNew Jersey, is dealing with a cyber incident that has limited operations. The investigation is ongoing and the township could not provide more information about the attack or if a ransom was issued.


Researchers discovered the Asylum Ambuscade hacking group that combines cyberespionage with cybercrime and has been targeting small to medium-sized companies worldwide since at least 2020.


Check Point Research has discovered a cyberespionage campaign using a backdoor named Stealth Soldier targeting Libyan organizations. The malware has been attributed to a threat actor referred to as “The Eye on the Nile.”


A new report by Orange Cyberdefense noted that cyber-extortion groups shifted their focus from Europe and North America to Latin America in 2022, while the victims spanned 96 countries. The shift is possibly due to Russia‘s invasion of Ukraine.


Minecraft mods and plugins hosted on CurseForge and Bukkit have been infected with a multi-stage infostealer malware called Fractureiser that steals Minecraft and Discord authentication tokenscookies, and login data stored in popular browsers – warned Bitdefender.


Asian cybercriminals are reportedly redirecting their efforts from credit card theft to stealing corporate documents. Out of the 29 million compromised accounts available for purchase on the dark web12 million are linked to India‘s top-level domains.

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