Thursday , November 30 2023
Ashraful Pratya known online as ‘Lunatic Pratya

“Pratya” hack facebook with attractive ads, Police arrest

Luscious advertisements such as ‘Lakh Tucker Jackpot’ or ‘Million Dollar Lottery’ were given on Facebook. And if you click on that link, your Facebook account will be activated. After that, the hacker used to extort money from the victim by talking about recovering that account.

The Mirpur Thana police gave such information after the arrest of the ‘hacker’ named Ashraful Pratya from Savar on Sunday (11 june).


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Pratya after passing from Savar Model College, he was recently admitted to a private university, said OC Md. Mohsin said, “His name is Ashraful Pratya but he is known online as ‘Lunatic Pratya’. Although he describes himself as a gamer, he is basically a hacker.”

The OC said that Pratya had been playing online games since class six, “Pratya used to advertise ‘Lakh Taka Jackpot’, Million Dollar Lottery’, ‘Earn 200 Dollars by playing games every day’ and then send links to different people’s messengers. By clicking on these links, that Facebook ID would have gone under his control.

“After that, Pratya would contact the concerned person and identify himself as a RAB officer and promise to retrieve the ID. He used to collect various sums of money in the form of GD and service charges at the police station to retrieve the ID.

Police officer Mohsin said, in the same way, a similar link came in the messenger of Mirpur college student Fayaz Rahman a few days ago. If you click on that link, as usual, Faiyaz’s Facebook ID goes under the control of Pratya. After that, Faiyaz was called and demanded 13,500 taka. If the money is not paid, various threats are also given including getting involved in the case.

“Being suspicious, Faiyaz reported the matter to Mirpur police station. The police then tactfully contacted the hacker and arrested him from Savar bus stand area.”

OC Mohsin commented that Pratya ‘confessed’ his crime after being arrested.

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