Monday , December 11 2023

Google asks employees to sleep at office campus for $99/night

As the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, offices are finding new ways to motivate employees to return to work. Google is also making efforts to ensure a smooth transition when returning to the campus.

The tech giant is offering a discounted hotel stay for $99 per night at a new campus in Mountain View, California.


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Following the resolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, the tech company initiated the process of summoning its employees back to work. Nevertheless, employees presented strong opposition, arguing that commuting was overly time-consuming and costly. Additionally, employees expressed a higher level of productivity while working from home, substantiated by the company’s impressive financial gains.

Google will not be covering the expenses for the hotel stay, as they have already reduced travel costs previously.

According to reports from employees on an internal discussion forum, the hotel plans to offer an abundance of additional amenities at a significantly reduced price. However, several others have rejected the idea, speculating that this could be a move to reduce vacancies in the company’s hotel.

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