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Daily Cybersecurity Update, April 14, 2023

Another crypto exchange hack comes right at the heels of the GDAC hack. This time, it is Bitrue that suffered a loss of $23 million in crypto assets. Nobelium is back on the threat landscape targeting NATO and EU nations. Talking about reemergence, Transparent Tribe has popped up with a new campaign that is targeting the education sector in India. Here are the top 10 highlights from the past 24 hours.


Crypto exchange Bitrue spotted a brief exploit of one of its hot wallets, which resulted in the theft of $23 million worth of ETHGALAQNTSHIBMATIC, and HOT.


The Polish government warned against the Russian Nobelium APT group targeting foreign and diplomatic ministries from EU and NATO member states with previously undocumented malware.


Microsoft warned of a phishing campaign against accounting companies and tax preparers, deploying Remcos RAT via GuLoader to gain initial access to corporate networks.


CERT-India issued an ‘Urgent- High Alert’ due to potential DDoS/DoS attacks on 12,000 Central and state government websites by Indonesian hackers.


Darktrace denied suffering a ransomware attack after the LockBit ransomware group added the company to its leak site and claimed to have compromised its security systems and sensitive data.


Weak or no passwords accounted for 47.8% of observed security incidents for Google Cloud customers, followed by API compromise (19.6%) and software issue (13%) – reported the tech giant.


SentinelLabs identified a campaign by the Pakistan-based Transparent Tribe group, which is targeting the Indian education sector via education-themed malicious Office documents propagating Crimson RAT.


Europol and Eurojust arrested five individuals suspected of involvement in a huge investment fraud campaign that amassed a profit of $98 million from 33,000 victims.


Trellix detected a new private RaaS group, named Read The Manual (RTM) Locker, that has been leveraging affiliates for ransom. It, also, flies under the radar by avoiding high-profile targets.


Open source authorization platform Cerbos raised $7.5 million in an extended seed funding round led by Omers Ventures, with participation from angel investors.

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